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High Performing Teams
The Team Assessment Survey

The Team Assessment Survey (TAS) was designed to provide team leaders and members with feedback on the seven critical components associated with high performing teams. Using the Rocket Model© of high performing teams as a framework, the TAS is based on an extensive review of the team literature and field testing of several versions of the survey between 2001 and 2003.

To see a sample of The Team Assessment Survey Report, Click Here.

Teams using the TAS can range from 4-25 people. The current version has been in use since 2004 and has been used with hundreds of teams in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Users of the TAS include:

  • Medical teams
  • Hospital administration teams
  • Sales Teams
  • R&D teams
  • IT project teams
  • Public Education Administration Teams
  • Legal Teams
  • and Numerous Management and Executive Teams Across a Variety of Industries

The TAS consists of 35 items; the on-line surveys take less than 10 minutes to complete.  The corresponding 20 page TAS Feedback Report provides detailed item- and component-level feedback, team member dispersion ratings, and suggestions for improvement for each of the seven components of the Rocket Model.

The cost of the TAS is $50.00 per team member.  This fee includes the administration of the TAS and creation of electronic copies of the TAS feedback report.  Bound, color copies of the TAS Feedback report cost an additional $10/report plus shipping.   

Team Facilitation
Curphy Consulting Corporation has helped to improve the performance and cohesiveness of hundreds teams ranging from CEOs and their direct reports through project teams and community action committees.  

Using the Rocket Model© of high performing teams as a framework, Curphy Consulting Corporation helps teams improve performance by:

    • Coming to consensus around assumptions concerning key stakeholders
    • Creating team vision, goals, and strategies
    • Clarifying team member roles and responsibilities,
    • Shoring up skill gaps,
    • Developing a set of agreed upon norms regarding meeting management, communication, decision-making, and accountability
    • Building buy-in to team goals and norms,
    • Formulating strategies to acquire the resources and autonomy they need to succeed, and reducing team conflict

    Curphy Consulting Corporation works closely with team leaders and human resource professionals to design team meetings and off-sites that achieve intended objectives. We help teams meet their goals across a wide range of applications , including:

    • Executive teams building strategic plans
    • Teams of high potentials developing solutions to critical business issues
    • Business leaders improving execution against organizational goals
    • Project teams delivering against budgets and time lines
    • Education teams improving student achievement
    • Medical teams improving patient access and safety
    • Citizen teams driving community change

    Typical costs range from $6,000-20,000, depending on the number of preparation and delivery days and supporting materials needed for to conduct the off-site.      

    Curphy Consulting Corporation has designed the High Performing Teams certification program for professionals wanting to use the Team Assessment Survey and Rocket Model of High Performing Teams program into their organizations. The cost of this three-day program ranges from $10,000-20,000 plus travel expenses, with the final cost depending on the number of workshop participants. Certification Workshop materials include one Team Assessment Survey administration, copies of the High Performing Team Participant Manual, the High Performing Team Leader’s Kit with the Leader’s Guide, Experiential Exercises, Power Point presentation and video clips.

    Action Learning Programs
    Curphy Consulting Corporation also has expertise in the design and delivery of action learning programs. These programs often task teams of 8 to 10 high potentials with developing a set of recommendations for critical business problems.

    Curphy Consulting Corporation works with executive sponsors to properly scope and get senior leadership team buy-in to action learning projects. We may also help companies assess candidate potential and fit for an action learning project. Working closely with executive sponsors and human resources, Curphy Consulting Corporation designs and delivers a series of workshops that help action learning teams understand their project deliverables, establish internal and external benchmarking, manage key stakeholders, and create implementation plans for turning recommendations into reality.

    During the action learning program team members are provided with in-depth feedback (including peer feedback) about their strengths and areas of improvement as leaders. Team members create development plans and are provided one-on-one coaching from Curphy Consulting Corporation, the executive sponsor, and human resources in order to further leverage strengths and shore up skill gaps.

    These action learning interventions can range from $100,000-250,000 depending on the number of teams and the number and types of workshops involved.   Although expensive, properly designed and executed action learning programs usually provide workable solutions to critical business problems, allow executives to evaluate high potential talent, and often generate 10X returns. 

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